Guerrilla marketing is the same advertising but less costly and with an emphasis on creativity.

For the first time the concept "guerrilla marketing" was used by Jay Conrad Levinson in his eponymous book "Guerrilla Marketing" defined for the owners of small businesses in 1984.

The essence of guerrilla marketing is the low-budget promotion of goods or services in memorable and extraordinary ways.

Advertising watches on the bus. This activates the imagination and allows to visualize the future purchase.

Advertisng school in India. A vivid example of the right and memorable use of the environment.

There is a striking example of guerrilla marketing of delivery service DHL.

Another version of memorable and low-budget advertising.


What are the advantages of guerrilla marketing?

  1. A small budget
  2. Attracts the attention of the press
  3. Develops a creative way of thinking
  4. Aims directly at the target audience and not visible to the competitors

Guerrilla marketing is effective due to its uniqueness.


Why is it impossible to copy the already known ideas?

Guerrilla marketing is spread through the grapevine, through word of mouth, that is through communication. Your idea should be unique to attract the attention of the passers-by. Often your customers are not the people who see your advertisement, but those to whom they will later tell about you if they remember the advertisement.


The essence of guerrilla marketing is simple: be unique and you'll get new customers.