Instagram: which bussiness does it fit more?

The popularity of Instagram is growing every day. Both ordinary users and companies share with visual content on this site. Visual content is perceived much faster taht the text one, that is why the effeciency of sites with visual content are obvious.

These sites also include Pinterest which will be discussed in a separate article. The number of business accounts in Instagram is growing at an incredible rate: yet in March there were 8 million accounts of companies, and at the end of July their number exceeded 15 million. Isn't this an indicator of efficiency?

Instagram is a good selling platform for interne-shops, hand-made goods, etc. The application is available for all smartphones, and each user has constant access to his newsfeed that allows not only to sell goods, but also to build reliable relatiions with the target audience.

As we have already mentioned in the article about branding, trust and loyalty of customers are the most important link in creating a strong brand. In an Instagram account there can be photographs, telling about the working process, the news of the field or the company, congratulations on holidays, competitions and so on.

Instagram is very convenient for storytelling. Just take a story, related to your company, and divide it into several parts. Your audience will wait for the continuation of the story. The involvement of the target page and, as a consequence, the popularity of the page, lead to the increase of sales.