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Name: Pasteria
Date: 2017
Project: logo designs and branding

A design, brand renaming and packaging were implemented for Pasteria pasta product. It is very difficult to enter the local pasta market, because the customers usually prefer Italian products, and we know that Italian pastas have become a brand which is associated with the quality and taste. Our mission was to create an Italian breath through the product's design and name, and convey it to the consumer. After long research and study we chose PASTERIA as a product name, using the base word PASTA, as a main associative root. We put the main emphasis on adding a food-based association in the logo.

During the development of the package design, we came to the conclusion that the consumer should see the content of the box, and the 80% of the box was transparent. Otherwise, the box could arouse fear and insecurity in the subconscious of the consumer. The colors used in the design of the package are in harmony with the color scheme of the product creating visually attractive and appetizing design. The package is quite simple; it is created with minimal objects and concise balance.

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