packaging designs

Name: Blast
Date: 2017
Project: logo designs and branding

The author of energy drink “Blast” is Yuri Sargsyan – participant of the “Green marketing” course. “Blast” is an energy drink that is rich with proteins. It is provided for sportsmen and people, who go in for sports. The design of the bottle, naming and positioning were developed for energy drink “Blast” in the framework of “Green marketing” course. The objective was to create an impressive, unique, and versatile design that would be able to transmit the main characteristics and advantages of the drink to the customer. Corresponding colors, style, and description were chosen, a new font was developed. The characteristic details are parts, which look like muscle tissue, they metaphorically affect the consumers’ sub consciousness and, at the same time, are closely connected with the slogan of the product. The visual characteristics of the bottle are energy, tone, and strength.

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