logo designs and branding

Name:  Goris
Date:  2017 - 2018
Project:  logo designs and branding

For our beloved city of Goris we implemented branding, which later will serve as a guide for lots of tourists. The main task was to tell about Goris, present features of culture due to branding. Before starting the job, we visited Goris, investigated the territory, and separated the peculiarities of Goris. Thereby, we found sources of inspiration for branding. These were edgy mountains, which are unique in their way and exist only in Goris; caves, houses, roofs, stone pyramids (Goris people call it barkash), balconies, the structure of arched windows and doors, and finally, nature. All of these were the distinctive elements, which together must create the image of Goris.

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logo designs and branding


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logo, design and branding

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