logo designs and branding

Name:  Lcher
Date:  2018
Project:  Creation of logo
Brand style
Package design

The restaurant “Lcher” has started its activity since 1991 It is located in the Kotayk Province, where everyone can find their own corner, and be away from the city noise and everyday problems. We had a task to implement redesign and create a unique brand style of the restaurant. Basically, the restaurant is located in a way that fresh fish can be caught and eat on the spot, but we also couldn’t pass by the exciting event halls, playground, ship, tandoor, caves, straw pavilions, so we emphasized all these in the form of logos. As a result, we created a linear transformation logo that, by changing the nature, keeps the main essence of the logo. The branding elements include sackcloth, wood and leather. And on the presentation below we have depicted all the statues, caves, straw pavilions, so that, by looking at it, guests can understand the whole essence of the brand.

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