Business plaza

logo designs and branding

Name:  Business plaza
Date:  2019
Project:  logo designs and branding

Business Plaza is a newly established modern business center, which has all the necessary conditions for effective organization of your business.
The main aim of the Business Plaza is to promote the growth and development of various businesses. The task of branding is to reflect all those ideas and that task has been fully implemented.Range of colors used in the logo is bright, contrasting and corresponds to the company.Blue color is associated with stability and confidence.Yellow is the color of energy, optimism and creativity and it also symbolizes intellect.
The choice of orange is based on a combination of energy of red and optimism of yellow. It is associated with success, determination, and symbolizes strength and endurance.
This combination of these 3 colors completes the main idea of the brand and distinguishes it from other brands.The arrow used in the trademark symbolizes the idea of progressive growth, and the color transition between yellow and orange emphasizes the growth process.

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