Name:  Pinkberry
Date:  2020
Project:  Design

"Pink Berry" ice cream brand has its unique place in the Armenian market due to its rich assortment. In both cafes located at the heart of the city, besides different types of ice cream, customers may enjoy coffee, tea and sweets. As the logo of “Pink berry” was already well known, our aim and main task was to maintain the logo and create a unique brand style. The main target is 18-25 aged people. As a result, we have created a packaging with "p", "i", "n", "k", "b", "e" "rr" "y" letters. The letters remind the modern youth due to their way of placement: the letters are as free as modern youth. Special attention is paid to the packaging of one of the favorite types of ice cream: soft ice cream. Soon people in Yerevan will walk with interesting ice cream in their hands.

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