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Name: Nsti gnanq
Date: 2017
Project: logo designs, branding, web design and web-site

A logo design and a website were created from scratch for the company of “NSTI GNANQ”. “NSTI GNANQ” is an intermediary between drivers and passengers. With the help of this website, drivers can find passengers while traveling and, in their turn, passengers have the opportunity to benefit from a profitable vehicle. The problem was to create a logotype that would have a direct connection to the service activities with its design solutions and used items. Related to the passengers' transportation service, the road and the sign of geolocation were taken as a basis of logo creation. The color selection was not accidental as well. Yellow and grey colors are associated with the taxi colors in human sub consciousness. Besides, used elements were made in their specific colors, i.e. grey for road, and yellow for the traffic lines.

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