logo, design and branding

Name:  Agos
Date:  2020
Project:  logo, design and branding

Our team’s task was to create simple and minimalistic design. The order was received from Vedi Alco and French-Armenian winemakers who have suggested the name of the wine - Agos (literally means a hole, spiral). Agos is a red dry wine made of Black Areni grapes from Vayots Dzor Province and aged in barrels of French oak. Agos is also the name of Hrant Dink's bilingual weekly newspaper, published since April 5, 1996. The newspaper has a weekly circulation of over 9,000 nowadays. After deep research and discussions, we decided to take the portrait of the newspaper's founder, Hrant Dink, as the basis for the design concept, but not to show it openly. Looking at the label you will only see stripes at first glance, but on closer look you will notice the image of Hrant Dink. As a result of our work we received a simple and unique packaging of wine that was exported to France. This wine is an excellent result of the Armenian-French cooperation and the bridge between Armenia and the famous and fruitful region of French viticulture - Burgundy.

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