The logo is a sign by which your company is recognized. The right design of the logo guarantees instant recognition - the main advantage in the struggle against the competitors.

According to the type of design, logos are divided into text, symbolic and combined. They are equally popular. The designer selects the type of the logo, based on the company's activity, its mission and style.


Text logos  

These logos emphasize the features of the company by the correct choice of colors and pin. The text logos are just the name of the company in a minimalist style.

According to the style of writing, the text logos are devided into classic and decorative.



These are icons, signs, symbols.

Their advantage is the polysemy. Symbolic logos cause vivid associations with the product or the company. They are widely used by large companies, because graphic symbols get fixed in the mind more firmly.



These type of logos include the elements of both text and simbolic ones. In this case, an icon is a part of the text. This adds an ideological flavour to the logo and improves the memorization of the brand.