Apache X Gyumri Beer. The first collabration in Armenia

One of the innovative forms of business development is cooperation between non-competing companies, which has many different manifestations. One of the most popular forms of cooperation in the world is the release of joint products by two well-known companies. In the entire history of the Armenian market, such a practice has not been registered, so we are proud to announce that the initiator of such collaboration is Brandon and the first collaborating sides in Armenia are Apache and Gyumri Beer.
One of our clients, Gyumri Beer, has been engaged in the production of beer for more than 50 years and has a stable position in the market. At the core of the company's vision are the ideas of providing high quality, satisfying the consumer, and preserving the traditions of beer production. The company has set high-quality standards, which it has maintained since 1970. 
The other cooperating party is the Apache company, whose history began in 2018 when it was decided to breathe new life into high-quality Armenian products by branding and presenting them to the consumer. In the beginning, Apache presented itself to the consumer only with crackers, which had 4 flavors, and now the company has expanded its production to include a number of new products: sunflower seeds, chips, snacks, sweets, sticks, peanuts, instant coffee, etc. 
Both companies are well-known for a high level of social responsibility, they regularly hold various raffles and promotions, and most importantly, they present the consumer with quality products using high-quality raw materials. 
With Brandon's mediation and support, a collaboration was developed between Apache and Gyumri Beer, which is the first of its kind in Armenia. The companies, not being competitors, but operating in related fields, will come up with a new product: spicy snacks with the taste of BBQ chicken wings for beer. In addition to the idea of the initiative, Brandon carried out product branding, and packaging design and supported in all stages of the project implementation. The snacks will be produced in limited quantities and sales will start on September 15, hurry to try the first one. We thank our partners for their great trust, preparation, and cooperation. for opportunity.