5 bases of effective advertising

Nowadays the number of advertising carriers has grown since the Internet advertising has become a rather popular tool. We have already took a look at the Internet adverising in the Yandex nad Google searching engines. In a separate article we will discuss the target advertisng in social networks as well. However, now we will speak about 5 effective bases of adverting as such.

Depending on the sphere of activity of your target audience, you choose the corresponding platform: television, radio, advertising on internal carriers (posters, the facades of houses, banners), advertising in social networks and searching engines.

The bases of all the above-mentioned types of advertising are similar in their essence:

  1. Guarantees: they convince the potential customers that you yourselves are sure in your product. The absence of guarantees is alarming. Well, there are cases when the company provides return guarantee exponentially exceeding the amount, spent by the customer. As a rule, the profit exceeds the cost of guarantee payments, because  there will be always people who will return the goods in order to use the guarantee.
  2. Limitations: any action that you offer must have clear deadlines. The buyer s psychologically adjusted to an impulsive purchase only if he knows that tomorrow he will not have the opportunity to make a purchase at the same price.
  3. Do not sell the product, but the result. The well-known example from the book of Kotler that you must sell not the drill, but the hole in the wall, is the most indicative for this point.
  4. A unique proposal: in principle, this is a proposal, which is difficult to refuse. The whole point of this paragraph is that the proposal should not repeat the competitors' actions and should be much more valuable than just an action or a discount.
  5. Segment the market: choose a narrower niche so that the advertising companies were effective. For example, if you provide marketing services, concentrate only  on small businesses, or on the contrary, on companies with a certain level of annual income.

Take into account these five bases when creating advertising, as well as the fact that some certain period is necessary for visible results of an advertising company.