A business card website is simple in design and provides the client with basic information about the activity and services of the company or private individual. Due to its simplicity and availability - this is one of the most common types of site.

It is increasingly necessary to maintain representatives in the network. The most optimal version for the start-up businesspeople is a business card website.

You can place the main information about the company, services and prices on the site. This type of sites is suitable for start-up entrepreneurs, owners of small companies, private individuals. Important information, a list of services, a portfolio can be placed on several pages. It is not true that business card websites always have page limits. Often the number of pages does not exceed 20, but it may exceed, if necessary.


The main stages of a business card website are as follows:

  • Domain registration
  • Creation and approval of design
  • Content filling


For efficiency, it is better to immediately fill out representative offices in social networks and start promotion.