Corporate Website is an Internet portal, necessary for the optimization of medium-size and large businesses. This is a serious step that few companies can afford themselves. It differs from the business-card website with large functionality, the possibility of organizing internal communications, etc. Functional opportunities of the Corporate Website are as follows:

  • placement of an unlimited number of products
  • possibility of placing and editing the price list
  • the whole information about the activity of the company
  • internal communication between employees
  • databases and CRM
  • the private office of an employee, the ability to assign tasks and the supervision of the implementation
  • the opportunity to place internal news of the company, decrees, orders


The development of each website is a unique creative process. But there are definite steps, necessary to develop a competent corporate website:

  • Formulation of goals, analysis of the target audience, competitor-analysis, pricing of the customer's advantages, budgeting
  • Drawing up a work plan, approving design decisions
  • Creating a structure
  • Design
  • Page-making
  • Development
  • Integration of the management system
  • Creating content
  • Testing


Creating a corporate website is a long process, demanding big investments. The Corporate website can't be called a huge tool of sales development, but the image and impressions, appeared due to the corporate website, will help to create a firm belief and get loyal customers.