Contextual advertising is gaining much more popularity among companies due to its efficiency. Contextual advertising appears on the page, corresponding to the potential client's request, and gives an opportunity to connect directly with the interested client. If you configure keywords, geography and display time correctly, you can get a large influx of customers.

Contextual advertising can be configured in search engines Google and Yandex. The efficiency also depends on the correctly selected platform. In this article we will look at the advantages of each site, the main mistakes of beginners and subtleties that can provide greater clickability.

You should use Google AdWords for placement of advertisements in the Google search engine. The efficiency of Google AdWords displays in the right advertising settings is much bigger and the results of advertisng company is higher, but it should take into account the factor that the Yandex search engine is used oftener in Russia. Regardless of the choice of the search engine, it is necessary to pay attention to such advertising settings as the display geography, the display time and the choice of requests.

It would be preferable to exclude the requests of high frequency, since they are highly competitive, and correspondingly the price per click is high as well. Besides, transitions on high-frequency purchase requests are often made more rarely.

Yandex.Direct – a system for placement of advertising – works for the site of the Yandex search engine. The advertising display system is the same as in Google AdWords. Attention should be paid to the geography settings, display time, etc. The cost of the advertising company is calculated by clickability, that is, the price per click.

 The beginners often choose the requests of high-frequency, thus the price fot the advertisement becomes high at low results. Usually this happens when an influx of new customers and revenue growth are expected just the next day after the launch of advertising. This happens rarely.

As in the case of other types of advertising, it takes time and a clear understanding of the needs of the target audience to achieve the desired results in contextual advertising,