Rebranding is a process of a partial or complete change of branding of a company or a definite product. Partial rebranding may concern the logotype, name, ideology of the company.

In today's competitive conditions you need to keep your ears open, manage to be vigilant to changes in the market, in order to keep your position and achieve new results.

The reasons for rebranding can be individual in each company. We can list some main prerequisites for rebranding:

  1. Reduction of the share in the market and significant weakening of importance of the company;
  2. As a consequence of the choice of another target audience and marketing strategy
  3. At initially wrong positioning of a brand in the market
  4. When the existing brand has lost its actuality under existing market conditions

Like any marketing tool, rebranding is used for achieving certainly defined goals. They can be different for companies of various sizes.