Business-accounts of companies are popular on the social platform of Facebook. Facebook is characterized by a rather simple system of configuration of targeted advertising. For this reason, more and more companies that are engaged in promotion...

in the social networks on their own choose precisely this site. The self-promotion of the company will be much more effective if you pay attention to the most common mistakes of publications and prevent their appearance on the page of your company!


Mistake 1: Several links in one publication.

This has an influence on the distribution of traffic, especially if all the links lead to the materials of the official website. It is difficult for the users to get oriented which link is more important, and as a result they do not pass one.


Mistake 2: Too much text.

In our age of information and constant bustle your even the well-written texts, unfortunately, no one will read. Try to write in short sentences. State the essence at the very beginning of the publication.


Mistake 3: Too obvious advertising of your own production and services.

The paradox of SMM is that the more you advertise your goods, the more passive the responses will be. Dilute the advertising posts with entertainment content and useful information.


Mistake 4: Ignoring negative comments.

It is necessary to answer all the comments. Without any exception. Each ignored comment may become the reason for the appearance of several ones, and it will become more difficult to answer them, but still necessary.


Mistake 5: Begging for likes.

The publications, beginning with the phrase ''Please, put a like...'', don't work, if the target audience doesn't like your content.


Invest maximum creativity in the promotion, and the target audience will not remain indifferent.